Dundee – Market Day

Dundee – Market Day

Tuesday 27 January 2009, 


DCA, 152 Nethergate, 



Market Day is a one day workshop to train creative businesses in a DIY approach to marketing their products and services. It uses practical, visual exercises to: identify the key aspects of your business to promote, explore the types of client and customers groups you want to do business with, and find the most appropriate promotional methods to communicate your message.

You will come away with a better idea of how to express your business, the customer groups to target, the difference between features and benefits, an outline plan for your marketing communications, key marketing activities and the impact this should have on sales.

 "The presentation was terrific, very inspired and inspiring – exactly right for people trying to work in the creative sector – thank you!”

 How to Book

The cost of this event is £20 which is to be paid in advance. A buffet lunch will be included. To reserve a place, please email events@culturalenterpriseoffice.co.uk or call 0844 544 9990.