Rachel Marsh – Pecha Kucha Vol 6

ShortbreadStories has been in existence for over five years, with Rachel Marsh joining as Chief Executive Trustee in 2011 when the organisation decided to become an official charity. Now an SCIO, ShortbreadStories’ focus is educating and mentoring new writers, and they currently have a global online community of ten thousand members. Besides providing a worldwide showcase for new talent, the organisation aims to build self-confidence in writing ability through mentoring, advice and encouragement. ShortbreadStories is free and open to anyone who wishes to join, and all stories are free to read and download. They can be found at shortbreadstories.co.uk

At Pecha Kucha Night Vol 6, 21st May 2013, Rachel talked us through how the Shortbread community has grown from strength to strength!

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