“PKN is always an exciting, welcoming atmosphere” “It’s quite a daunting format but I’m really glad that I did it because I got a lot out of it - not just the satisfaction of being able to talk to that many people, but contacts as well.” “I come to Pecha Kucha to learn about everything that's going on in Dundee” “I love the part in Pecha Kucha where the mic is passed so people can share what's going on in Dundee. The whole family’s been impacted by it.” “It helps magnify the people who are in circles that you wouldn’t normally hear of.” "It feeds into the feeling, that sense of connectedness, that it’s not just about what one person is doing, it’s about seeing everything across the city." "It is about different voices from different perspectives coming and sharing about really diverse things and although there’s threads that sometimes tie it together I think it’s nice to have that sense of never quite knowing what to expect." “We had only just opened but after Pecha Kucha there was like a steady stream of people coming in and they keep returning because they liked the feel of the shop.”  “There’s a sense of confidence after you’ve stood up and said, “this is who I am, this is the work I like to do" and people go, “Brilliant!’.” "I spoke at a Pecha Kucha and it led me to two very distinct pieces of work. There’s been a massive outcome for me." "Dundee’s such a cool place because it’s such a small creative hub that everyone is interconnected somehow which is really nice." “It is quite a big ask but it’s really worth it to push yourself to do it. Nothing good happens easily, you’ve got to push yourself into these situations. "I don't know if there’s just something in the air here… in Dundee there’s a sense of “well no one else is going to do it so I’ll do it" "After I did my Pecha Kucha talk, I spoke to my friend who was with this girl I really liked the look of. I asked her out and she wasn’t keen but I knew that I could win her over and after about 2 years, I did! Now we happily live together and have a baby girl." "Going to Pecha Kucha is a really good way to learn what other people and organisations are out there that I have skills and knowledge to connect with."
Creative Dundee is a network which connects creative activities and people in and around the city - we’re here to amplify all the great things happening. We’ve hosted the global event night, Pecha Kucha Night in Dundee since 2011 and have heard from hundreds of local and international speakers over the years. Pecha Kucha Nights were devised and shared by Klein Dytham Architecture in Tokyo, back in 2003 and the nights now run in over 900 cities around the globe. Presenters have just 20 images to show and talk through, each for just 20 seconds – this keeps things fast and fun. Find out more about global Pecha Kucha , and watch all the videos of previous Dundee presenters . #PKN_DND Jasmine Holt created and illustrated this website and has been working with Creative Dundee to help communicate the stories and insights from Pecha Kucha Night Dundee.

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