99 Things To See And Do In Dundee – A Crowdsourced City Guide

Find an updated version of the guide here!

With the help of our network, we are proud to produce our latest crowdsourced Dundee city guide: 99 Things To See And Do In Dundee.

This is the second crowdsourced Dundee city guide Creative Dundee has produced in collaboration with people who live here and love it. We last produced this with the city’s residents in 2012, so huge thanks goes to everyone who took part this time around. The response to our call for suggestions in February 2016 was terrific, we received so many ideas on things to see and do in our city which will help visitors to the city know the local favourite spots. The guide can of course, also be used by locals to discover more of the city’s treasures.

With a number of visitors flocking to the city to experience the pretty brilliant range of sights, events and festivals Dundee has to offer, the guide will help them experience the city as a local. We hope that visitors and locals alike will enjoy exploring the places featured within it.

If you find this guide useful, please do share your experiences using #dundeeguide.

Get the Dundee City Guide

You can view the interactive guide and download a copy here – once you download it you will be able to click through the numbered icons to take you to relevant websites. We also have a few printed guides left and are happy to pass on/post out (if you cover postage fee) if you get in touch with us.

Crowdsourced Dundee City Guide

Crowdsourced Dundee City Guide

Thanks goes to Ignite Dundee for supporting the production of the guide, which launched at the inaugural Dundee Design Festival 2016.

Thanks also to I Love Grids and Sooper Double D for the design of our guide.

You can view and embed an interactive Google Map on your site by clicking here, but please do give us credit!

Crowdsourced Dundee City Guide