Pecha Kucha Night Dundee

Creative Dundee has hosted Pecha Kucha Night events quarterly, since Dundee joined the global family back in November 2011. Pecha Kucha Night Dundee is now the largest regular PKN event in the UK! You can find the video presentations from each PKN event on this page, or on our video wall. Photos from the nights can be found here.

PechaKucha, or ‘chit chat’ in Japanese, was developed by Klein Dytham Architecture, in Tokyo back in 2003.  PKNs now run all over the world – our last count was over 1,000 cities and growing, you can view a map of all locations on their website here. You can also find a quick Pecha Kucha Explainer in British Sign Language, here!

It’s a simple quick-fire format – presenters show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. Presenters choose their own topic – their work, their loves, hates, hobbies or holidays! The night is a great way for people to meet and hear about interesting activity happening locally.

Interested in presenting at a future PKN?

All we ask is that you come along to one first to see the format – then just get in touch with your name, what you do, and tell us in just a couple of lines what you would like to talk about. As we need a real mix of presenters on the night, we cannot absolutely guarantee a slot, but we will try.


We will announce the next Pecha Kucha Night Dundee on our website and News Mail Out, so be sure to keep an eye out for any news!

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Pecha Kucha Night Dundee events are British Signed Language interpreted since May 2018!

Pecha Kucha Night Vol 26 – 24/02/2020

Lisa Williamson & Gemma Nicol – theatre company Hidden Route; Clare Brennan – artist, curator, and lecturer at Abertay University; Gary Robertson – performance poet; Rachel Simpson & Seth Bennett – musicians and audio designers; Dominic Smith – Senior lecturer in Philosophy at University of Dundee; Sarah Kiden – technologist and researcher; Dr. Drew Hemment – artist, designer, and researcher; Olivia Hicks – comics creator; Saoirse Anis – artist and curator; John Richmond – retired firefighter and cyclist; Edith Adam – style and image consultant.

Pecha Kucha Night Vol 25 – 04/11/2019

Alice Black – Cinema Programmer; Darshana Jayemanne – Lecturer in Art, Media & Games, Lynne Campbell – Scottish folk songs, poems and stories; Stuart Hamilton – writer, filmmaker & performer; Lynsey Penny – Gate Church Carbon Saving Project; Dave Close – Hot Chocolate Trust; Martin Zeilinger – new media researcher; Maryam Deeni – Learning Coordinator Intern at V&A Dundee; Morag Smith – Glasgow Women’s Library; John Butler 3D artist/animator; Ellie Harrison – artist and activist; Lenna Cumberbatch – Inclusion & Diversity Strategist.

Pecha Kucha Night Vol 24 – 28/05/19

Ged Grimes – composer, producer and musician; Suzanne Zeedyk – research scientist and developmental psychologist; Dundee Dragons – wheelchair sports club; Rozina Spinnoy – design strategist; Eileen Reid – writer; Mara Menzies – storyteller; Thomas Maile – police offer; Annie Marrs – lead officer for Dundee’s UNESCO City of Design; Signed Songs R Us – Deaf-led choir; Darryl Gaffney du Plooy – on local currencies; Briana Pegado – creative producer; Dougie Lonie – senior consultant at BOP Consulting; Siôn Parkinson – artist and curator, Andy Bullick – comedian.

Pecha Kucha Night Vol 23 – 25/02/19

Finlay Wilson – director of Heart Space Yoga & Bodyworks; Alison Urie – community and creative arts organisation Vox Liminis; Russell Pepper – founder of Open/Close Dundee; Kelly Kanayama – comics and pop culture critic, scholar and journalist; Manuela de Los Rios – marine scientist and environmental communicator; Dr Katy Emslie-Smith – inner city Dundee GP; Kirsty Maguire – award winning Dundee based architect; Stewart Heaton and Louise Murphy – DD Tours; Kate Treharne – evangelical gardener and proponent of green stuff for Good; Majsko Sekula – non-binary artist; Andrew Batchelor – founder of Dundee Culture; Elaine Omand – Dundee runner; Avril Smart – Dundee-based master of none.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Vol 22 – 06/11/18

Sekai Machache – Visual Artist; David Martin – Chief Executive of Dundee City Council; Amy Parent – studies clouds and weather in distant stars; Fi Munro  – ‘Intuitive Self Care Mentor’; Paul Dock – 4th-year Illustration student at DJCAD; William Galinsky – theatre artist and curator; Vagner Mendonça Whitehead – artist, wordsmith, educator, and arts administrator; Dawn Hartley – Head of Creative Learning at Scottish Dance Theatre; Marius Watz – digital artist, designer and educator; Julie Freeman – artist; Kirsty Thomson – Founder and CEO of The Circle and ACK, Jen Southern – artist and director of the mobilities lab; Dr Anthony Schrag – artist and researcher; Sonja Schwaighofer – designer and head of GREATVIBES.AT.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Vol 21 TAKEOVER – 23/05/18

C.Gul – street artist; John Alexander – Leader of Dundee City Council; Janice Aitken – Artist and Associate Dean at DJCAD; Quintana Beattie – student, artist, dragon; Bit Loom – game developers; Hannah & Nicole – musicians from Hot Chocolate Trust; James & Sarah – actors; Victoria Potts – environmentalist; Prof. Vlanden Joler – lecturer on tech and society; Steven Sheath – artist and bug enthusiast; Romilda Grima – Coordinator of Dundee Food Assembly; Chantelle Patton – artist; Jacob Dudgeon – student; Cal & Ellie – members of NYAAG.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Vol 20 – 26/02/18

Beth Bate – Director of Dundee Contemporary Arts: Yann Seznec – artist and musician; Kirsty Thomas – founder and creative director of Tom Pigeon: Mike Stirling  – Editorial Director of Beano Studios; Doctor Bharti MBE, PhD – multi-award winning podiatrist; Gaz Robinson – game developer and lecturer; Suzanne Scott  – Dundee based artist working under the name WhimSicAL LusH; Adam StJohn Lawrence – Co-Founder of WorkPlayExperience; Lynn Parker – lecturer in animation and interactive media at Abertay University; Connor Finlayson – interaction design student at Duncan of Jordanstone; Dr Jennifer M. Jones – educator and digital media practitioner; JD Henshaw – Artistic Director of Sweet Venues and Sweet Productions; Emma Jones – Head of Production at Scottish Dance Theatre; Amanda Lowson – Dundee Rep’s Community, Health and wellbeing associate; Richard Cook – a master lens maker behind Spex Pistols.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Volume 19 at NEoN Digital Arts Festival – 07/11/17

Peggy Hughes – from Literary Dundee and now Writers’ Centre Norwich; Norrie Millar – freelance comics artist/cartoonist; Andrew Kesterton – works to use maps and spatial information. Rebecca Sharp – writer and artist. Lyall Bruce – professional improvisor of Pecha Kucha talks; Alan Clark – Project Manager of Create Paisley; Jeannette Ginslov – Screendance, AR and the internet; VOID – visual-sound art collective. Jim Glover – capturing the beauty of Dundee through photography; Paul Dolan artist, musician and Animation lecturer; Ele Carpenter – artist focusing on nuclear aesthetics; Naomi Lamb – video art performer; Mark Daniels – curator based in Edinburgh.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Volume 18 at Dundee Design Festival – 25/05/17

Prof Niamh Nic Daeid – Professor of Forensic Science; Jaimini Jethwa – writer, yoga instructor, live music producer, video producer, filmmaker; Tom deMajo – artist/ designer; Dean Brown – Scottish Designer based in London; Panda Su – musician and producer; Petr Chutny – food and good health; Erin Farley – PhD candidate at the University of Strathclyde; Veronica Simpson – design of the built environment; THING THING – manufacturing studio practicing in Detroit; Tommy Perman – artist, designer and musician; Andy Summers – architect and a design tutor; Leanne Fischler – product designer; Joseph DeLappe – Professor of Games and Tactical Media at Abertay University.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Volume 17 – 28/02/17

Professor Dame Sue Black – Director of the Queen’s Award winning Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification at the University of Dundee; Chris Marr – founder of Content Marketing Agency; Joe Kahlo – Urban Bee Keeper who makes candles and soaps; Cally Booker – Dundee-based designer, weaver, teacher and writer; Laura Geyer – soon to be graduate of Graphic Design; Miles Harrison – works in leadership and organisation/governance development; Charis Robertson – Assistant Director of Hot Chocolate Trust; Lee Ivett – founder of Baxendale, a Glasgow based architecture firm; Chris Duffy – founder and curator of The Auchtermuchty Food Museum; Nethergate Writers – a group of poets and writers; Francis Cummings – Director of Music at Sistema Scotland; Mark Urban – member of 2 piece experi-fundamental pop explosion unit, St. Kilda Mailboat.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Volume 16 at NEoN Digital Arts – 08/11/16

Colin Anderson – Managing Director at Denki; Jemma Neville – Director of Voluntary Arts Scotland; Cully and Owen Daily – Founders of NOMAS* Projects; Iain Morrison – Edinburgh based poet; Paul Gault – co-design manager at Young Scot; Kirsty Whiten – artist based in Fife; Ummi Jameel – recent graphic design graduate from DJCAD; Dennis and Debbie Club – a duo who create CGI animations, video installations and VR apps; Neil McGuire – a designer; Sarah Cook – curator, writer and researcher based in Dundee; Calum McMillan – musician, artist and sound tech from Glasgow; J.R. Carpenter – Canadian-born UK-based artist, writer, performer, postdoctoral researcher and maker; Gareth Christie – digital artist, designer and maker; Linda Havenstein – media artist living in Berlin.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Volume 15 at Dundee Design Festival – 26/05/16

Reif Larsen – author of I Am Radar and The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet, a New York Times bestseller; Tin Roof – artists collective in Dundee; Malath Abbas – independent game designer, artist and producer; Darren Tait – acrobat, dancer, stuntman; Matthew Jarron – Curator of the University of Dundee Museum Collections; Andy Robertson – Amplify Project Lead for Hot Chocolate Trust; Kerrie Alexander – founder of KerrieALDO; Carol Soutar – Creative Director of Jelly & Gin; GENERATOR – a collective of artists formed 20 years ago in Dundee; Fraser MacDonald – artist and in a band called The Deliberate Crumbs; Clare Cooper – one of the group developing The Art of Living Dangerously platform; Jordan Geiger – crosses architecture and interaction design.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Volume 14 – 25/02/16

Jack Wrigley – an artist, photographer and theatre maker; Michaela Miller – Business Development Officer at Scott & Fyfe; Mary Jane Baxter – writer, maker and milliner with a love of travel; Lorraine Wilson – author of Facing Forwards, a book which charts her three-month solo journey around Europe; Grant Richmond – a self employed web developer who occasionally likes to do interesting things; Dawn Walton – a cognitive hypnotherapist and author of The Cavemen Rules of Survival; Andrew Wasylyk – Scottish writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist; Julija Danilova – a textile artist and garment constructor; Jordan Butler – managing director of Togs for Tots to Teens; Siôn Parkinson – artist, singer and producer currently working with the Dundee Design Festival team; Almighty Foods – Dundee’s premier nutrient dense food company; Ben Seal – a music producer and musician who sometimes makes films; The Mother Load – US artists who created the exhibition of The Mother Load at Hannah Maclure Centre.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Volume 13 at NEoN Digital Arts – 10/11/15

Richard Oparka – consultant pathologist at Ninewells Hospital; Morvern Cunningham – director, curator and producer of grassroots visual arts organisation LeithLate; Adam Marrow – 4th Time Based Art student at DJCAD; Ryan McLeod – owner of design & innovation company Slurpp; Hell Yeah – two artists who work together on large-scale site-specific illustration installations; Eric Siu-Touchy – new media artist based in Tokyo who works on interactive media projects; Nicola Donnelly –  independent retailer trading in Dundee City Centre as Time Lifestyle Boutique; Donna Holford-Lovell – co-founder and Director of Fleet Collective; Taeyoon Choi – artist and co-founder of School for Poetic Computation in New York; Alan Macdonald – architect and a director of Atelier-M architecture & design; Shu Lea Cheang – Taiwanese artist, filmmaker, and networker located in the Eurozone since 2000; Ah-Bin Shim – Seoul-based artist who originally studied in Dundee.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Volume 12 – 26/05/15

Hazel Sanderson – explores the space between art, design and writing; Rob Morrison – founder of TAKTAL; Lyall Bruce – designer, illustrator; Chris Alexander – designer, researcher, academic and maker; Kat Kjellström Corbet – visiting researcher at the University of Life, truthsayer and clutter clearer; Jonathan Reeve – Architect for the Voigt Partnership; Gemma Connell – artistic director of The Artefact; Malcolm Murdoch – graphic designer; Adam Lockhart – video archivist; Chris Scott – photographer; Claire Dow – theatre and projects producer.

Pecha Kucha Global Night Dundee Volume 11 – 20/02/15

Sam Gonçalves – documentary filmmaker; Damon Herd – artist and comics self-publisher; Holly Scanlan – hairstylist and lifestyle blogger; Ian Abbott – embarks on adventures with artists, writers & choreographers; Paola McClure – artist and Wasps studio holder; Rod Mountain – ENT head and neck surgeon and educator; Dominic Littler – co-founder of A Fox Wot I Drew; Generator Projects – an art collective based in Dundee; Stacey Hunter – design curator and producer; Sarah Drummond – co-founder and director of CycleHack and Snook; Jenny Sealey – artistic director and CEO of Graeae Theatre Company.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Volume 10 at NEoN Digital Arts – 04/11/14

The Ovarian Cysters – five women who have been dancing together for years; Anthony Baxter – award-winning director; Anthea Reid – founder of Food on Friday; Matt Peacock – InCompass creative  incubators; Akiko Kobayashi – architect; Ross Middlemiss – musician and sound engineer; Nora O’ Murchú – new media art curator and designer; Martin Baillie – designer of things; Yann Seznec – artist and musician; Heather Cassidy – theatre maker; Richard Clifford – Director of MAKLab; Graham Black – restoration architect and photographer; Oliver HV Mezger – experimental film-maker and digital artist; and Dr Sara Robertson – lecturer and researcher in craft innovation and smart materials.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee 09 – 20/05/14

Suzanne Paterson – avid taxidermy fan and Museum Geek; Gord Matheson – songwriter and musician; Dundee Wearable Art – Claire Dufour – community art project manager and Alice La Rooy – learning technologist; Connor McElwaine – MLitt student; Alison Best – designer; Sabrina Logan – The Bharatiya Ashram Charity; Graeme Ogston – senior reporter on the Dundee Courier; Erin Keepers – Comics MLitt student; Alan Richardson – photographer; Audrey Beckett – number one ladies pool player in Scotland; Rory Gianni – self-employed software developer.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee 08 – 25/02/14

Cilla Block (Clare Doogan) and Crown Julez (Julia Wright) – Dundee Roller Girls; Andy Herd – comic artist and creator  of PandlyLand; Peggy Hughes – programme manager at Dundee Literary Festival; Ann Lolley – project leader at Dighty Connect; Karl Inglott – Director and Designer at Space Budgie; Fleur Darkin – Artistic Director of Scottish Dance Theatre; Michael Findlater – Macro Micro Designs; Lucy Gunatillake – project manager for Ginsberg; Kevin Black – musician; Theresa Lynn – creative engagement; Joanna Susskind – Toad’s Caravan and All The Young Nudes; Nicola Watson – digital/print designer and Offset57 initiator.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee 07 at NEoN Digital Arts – 21/11/13

Stewart Murdoch – Director, Leisure and Communities, Dundee City Council; Kristina Johansen-Seznec – Maker and writer; Philip Howard – Chief Executive and joint Artistic Director, the Rep; Kevin Parr – Voiceover artist; Tom Carlile – Artist; Chris Wilson – Communications Manager, Abertay University; Sandy Thomson – Artist Director, Poorboy Theatre Company; Peter Ananin – Maker and inventor, Skill Share Dundee; Sonny Carntyne – Alternative rock band; Morgan Chan – Artist; Sharon Dickie – Writer and activist; Janine Matheson – Creative Producer; Rick Curran – Web developer and Skateboard Scotland.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee 06 – 21/05/13

Johanna Basford – illustrator and ink evangelist; The Rusty Hip Collective – music collective; Michael Marra is Deputy Director of Design in Action; Hayley Scanlan – Fashion Designer; Lynne Duffus – owner of Lovely Things; Andrew Demetrius – curator; Richie Cumming – occasional artist, infrequent DJ and full-time Outreach Officer; Grant Payne – Product & Business Developer and Research Associate; Alastair Low – 3D artist; Fi Scott – founder of Make Works; Rachel Marsh – Chief Exec of ShortbreadStories; Thomas Small – choreographer and Artistic Director of Smallpetitklein Dance Company.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee 05 – 26/02/13

Ryan Cormack – brightsolid; Global Service Jam Dundee – service jam weekend; Bryan Beattie – Creative Services Scotland; Jo Helfer – artist and filmmaker; Jonathan Baldwin – graphic designer and lecturer; Karen Lyttle – masters of design for services student; Irving Miskell-Reid – Freedom Hair; Raz Ullah – music, sonic art and sound designer; Mhairi Wild – textile accessories designer and maker; Dylan Drummond – filmmaker; Chris Marr – Esperi.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee 04 at NEoN Digital Arts – 06/11/12

Nikki McWilliams – designer and maker; Phil Wilson – eeGeo; Tin Roof – arts collective; Suzy Glass – cross-artform producer; Peter William Holden – artist; Anna Day and Chris Collins – Playroom Press; Pippin Barr – video games maker and critic; Clive Gillman – Dundee Contemporary Arts; Mhairi Towler – Vivomotion; Erin Michno – Quartic Llama; Jessie McGoff – Discovery Film Festival; Jaygo Bloom – VJ and artist; Chris Martin – researcher, physical computing and data visualisation.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee 03 – 22/05/12

Maurizio Mucciola – Kengo Kuma & Associates; Yann Seznec – musician and sound designer; Hazel White – programme director, design for services; Fraser Reid – Fraser’s Fruit and Veg; Jon Rogers – product designer; Lindsey Gardiner – illustrator; Lyall Bruce – graphic designer; Ian Forbes and Rose Hendry – filmmakers; Samantha McEwen – Isolated Heroes; Ryan Smith – Super Position Kitty; Louise Kirby – textile designer; Gammamoth Productions – The Maarhaysu Institute.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee 02 – 28/02/12

Catrin Jeans – event-based artist; Mike Press – professor of design policy; Euan Gray – architectural designer; Graeme McGowan – JamHot; Maria Maclennan – contemporary design researcher; Lucy Haighton – contemporary dance performer; Zoe Venditozzi and Jill Skulina – Two Dolls; Richard Cook – Spex Pistols; Danny Parker – Proper Games; Ged Young – Aim Design; Alice Marra – My Alice Band with Clare Brennan and Rosie Ivins.

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee 01 at NEoN Digital Arts – 08/11/11

Philip Long – V&A at Dundee; Rohan Gunatillake – freelance innovation producer; Kirsty Maguire – KMA Architect Ltd; Ross Fraser McLean – photographer; Louise Ritchie – visual artist; Gary Penn – Denki; Hilary Grant – textile designer; Andy Milligan – interior design researcher; Kate Pickering – Vanilla Ink Studios; Dave Sapien – games developer; Danil Dumnov, Tim Ghost and Leon – Sink.

Artwork: Laura Darling –

Artwork: Chris Hampton:

Artwork: Steven Peebles, commissioned by the young people steering group.

Artwork: Lyall Bruce

Artwork: Jasmine Holt

Artwork: Tommy Perman

Artwork: Katie Guthrie

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Artwork: Martin Baillie -

Artwork: Martin Baillie –


Artwork: Sofia Sita.

Artwork: Sooz Gordon: and photographer Julie Christie.

Artwork: Sooz Gordon: and photographer Julie Christie.

Artwork: Ruud Hendriks of Momo & Sprits: 

Artwork: Ruud Hendriks of Momo & Sprits:

Illustration by Andy Herd:

Illustration by Andy Herd:

Artwork by Louise Kirby:

Artwork by Louise Kirby:

Artwork by Paul Sparks:

Artwork by Paul Sparks:

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