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Hot Shorts 2


I went to Projector last night at the DCA to see Hot Shorts 2, I grabbed my pen and tried my best to jot down some details on them in a dark cinema.

Film 1. (No idea what it was called or who it was by)
A slightly weird animation which seemed to be about a boy and his pet projector, I think it might have been set in Holland or maybe Spain. I am going to guess at Holland because there is a windmill and some frontal nudity. Then again there are people who seem to be dressed as Matadors so maybe it was Spain after all. There was an old man walking down some stairs too, I really had no idea what was going on.

Film 2. The Pearce Sisters (Aardman)
This was a far more interesting short. It focusses on two unattractive sisters living a life of solitude, presumably on an island, and what happens when a sailor gets marooned off their beach. It has a very charming, if slightly of the moment, style of illustration. The film is produced in 3D but very stylised so as to appear hand generated. I couldn’t figure out if the over bleached colour palette was a design choice or caused by the faulty projector equipment, but I liked it. Worth going to see Hot Shorts 2 for alone.

Film 3. Utsu-Musume Sayuri (Digital Hollywood)
Prreezu sturikku mee here. Great stuff. Thats it.

Film 4. The Runt (Film Bilder)
A very simple but effective telling of a boys love for his pet rabbit who he ends up eating while wearing its head as a hat. Thats what you do in Germany apparently.

Film 5.
Super Short, I tried writing the name down in the dark and all I got was Dichtvor… and the rest is indecipherable. It was an interesting animation with a person was trying to clean the screen while lots of lines and boxes animated around them changing how they behaved and the space they were in. Fun and made me smile.

Film 6. Never Like The First Time
A series of 4 short stories about different experiences of people losing their virginity. Each story is in a different style and the people vary in age and background and also method. An interesting if at times slightly awkward film to watch.

Film 7. The Institute of the Dream
Pretty dull really, men dressed in Mr Blobby costumes that are covered in sand parade around sending things to sleep. I drifted off.

Film 8. Everything will be ok (Bitterfilms)
A great little film about the story of a character named Bill on his journey to realising the meaning of his life. It takes you thorough his day to day monotony and the silly things he often thinks, his interaction with his ex-girlfriend, his relationship with his family and his own mortality. It is all cheerily animated with all the characters represented as stick people, another highlight of Hot Shorts 2.

So there you go, my opinion on these eight shorts. If I have missed anything out please let me know but I think that was everything. I am going to try and make it to the third Hot Shorts this afternoon and will add a bit about that too.


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