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Hot Shorts 3


I made it to the first showing of Hot Shorts 3 this afternoon at the DCA and this time I was handily supplied with a list of the shorts being shown, oddly it was from the guy behind me. In a sort of take one pass it on sort of way.

Heres what was on show.

Film 1. Jeu (Dir. Georges Schwizgebel, Switzerland/Canada ’06)
Like a surreal animated painting set to music, very nice but quite baffling.

Film 2. Pika Pika (Dir. Takeshi Nagata/Kazue Monno, Japan ’06)
A Japanese short made using light trails from location all around the world. I spent most of this trying to figure out how it was done, I still can’t make my mind up.

Film 3. Solomon Grundy (Dir. Chris Myres/Ken Seward, USA ’07)
A really nice and humorous bit of stop motion set to the Solomon Grundy poem.

Film 4. To Rika
I have forgotten what this one was about – a man trying to find a woman on a train i think. It was all in Dutch too, my Dutch isn’t so hot.

Film 5. Rain Down From Above (Dir. Ivan Maximov, Russian ’07)
A really sweet little animation by Russian film maker Ivan Maximov. Lots of cute little animals living in houses and playing with little girls. Then it rains and everything floods and some degree of panic ensues. Very nice.

Film 6. This is JO3 (Dir. Once Were Farmers, UK ’07)
Another sweet animation about a robot called JO3 living in a world where computers are butchered.

Film 7. Copycat (Dir. Jeff Gill USA ’07)
I can’t remember much about this, except it was lots of drawings of cats. It was very short (75secs) and I think I was distracted.

Film 8. Hard Boiled (Dir. Arjan Wilschut, Netherlands ’07)
This was one of my favorites from Hot Shorts 3, its a funny, stylish and very well animated story about a chicken trying to keep its egg away from the farmer.

Film 9. The Man Who Waited (Dir. Theodore Ushev, Canada ’06)
I don’t remember this one either.

Film 10. Cookie (Dir. Remco Moll, Netherlands ’06)
A great little Dutch 3D animation about a dogs battle with a bird over a packet of cookies.

Film 11. Tong (Dir. David Cellier Florent Limouzin & Arnaud Real, France ’07)
A French animation centered around a crazy scientist working for a company and not getting on very well. His inventions don’t work as expected and he is on his last warning. It is then apparent that he can help save the world. Very funny.

Film 12. Snowtime (Dir. Dana Dorian, UK ’07)
A short animation from the Colin and Cumberland series by Glasgow based Axis Animation. Not one of thier best but still manages a chuckle.

Film 13. Dog (Dir. Hermann Karlsson, UK ’07)
Another film I don’t remember seeing, I am getting suspicious that a few didn’t make it to the projection room.

Film 14. The Old, Old, Very Old Man (Dir. Elizabeth Hobbs UK ’07)
I loved the style of this animation, which was all created traditionally using blue paint. It can prove a little hard to make out some of the frames at times but its still great. The story is set in the 17th century and is about an old, old, very old man who is brought to London to make the king feel younger, the man then dies.

Film 15. Une petite histoire de l’image animee (Dir. Joris Clerte, France ’06)
A charming look at the history of animation, from shadows on the walls of caves to star wars and spiderman. All animated of course.

Film 16. The Danish Poet (Dir. Torill Kove, Canada ’06)
Saving the best for last, although I am sure there was another film before this but not on my list. Anyway, this is a fantastically animated story of the narrators explanation of how she wouldn’t not have existed were it not for a series of circumstances that led to her parents meeting. I want to watch this again.


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