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Signals In The City


Exploration of the urban data, technology and its visualisation

The University of Abertay’s Hannah Maclure Centre is looking for people to take part in creating a large scale social interactive art work.

Running Stitch, a large 8ft x 8ft tapestry map of Dundee, will be created live during the exhibition Signals in the City.

Artists Jen Southern, Jen Hamilton, Chris St Amand along with Onteca Ltd, a Liverpool games company, have developed Landlines, software which enables an audience to use GPS mobile phones as a drawing tool.

Visitors are invited to journey through Dundee whilst their movements are tracked via satellite and projected live back to the gallery. These individual GPS drawings of visitors’ journeys are then stitched onto the evolving tapestry revealing hidden aspects of the city, creating a sense of place and interconnection.

The artists are looking for “stitchers” to work with and help create this map of Dundee. Become part of this live event and thread by thread see the city emerge on the canvas.

This is a voluntary event and refreshments will be available and recognition will be given to all the participants.

To get involved please contact us no later than 22nd February 2008.
T: 01382 308324 or email us at


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