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Cut Out And Keep


Cut Out And Keep is an online community run by Dundee based Cat Morley with its focus on craft and creativity. Started in December last year it has already got over 5200 members, 1200 projects and spawned an off shoot online magazine Snippets that covers the best in indie, creativity and D.I.Y.

The site has a collection of projects posted by its members detailing how to make a range of different items from knitted plushies to a quick and easy stir fry sauce. My personal favourite thing is the podcast that teaches knitting for beginners, I recon that its time to give up video games and their like and get myself a good pair of knitting needles and a wool bag and knit me a Companion Cube

Anyway, so if you are planning on knitting yourself a cake or just fancy turning some of those old bottle tops that are down the side of your fridge into ear rings then this site is for your bookmarks.


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