Creative Dundee

The Dundee Masterplan


Finally, the Hilton is replaced with a series primary coloured blocks.

I had a look last night at the Dundee Waterfront website to see what the future holds and to try and discover if all the buildings will be six storey high and angular… sadly they are, but they have tried to cheer us up by making them all colourful and stuff… Legoland Dundee?

Here is a list of the members of the Waterfront Board.

Dundee City Council
Councillor Joe Morrow (Chair)
Councillor Fiona Grant
Douglas Grimmond (Director of Economic Development)
Mike Galloway (Director of Planning and Transportation)

Scottish Enterprise Tayside
Bill Barr (SET Board member); (Bill has recently retired from SET’s Board and a replacement nominee is awaited.)
Steven Carter (SET – Manager of Strategy and Partnership Team)

You can see their vision here.


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