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Developing an independent cinema


HMC: What would be at the core of an independent cinema for you? Should it totally avoid films produced inside the Hollywood system?

Terri Liddell, Montrose: The core of an independent cinema should be films which are off-beat, unusual, artful, beautifully filmed, acted… psychologically insightful or stimulating, intelligent… which may or may not preclude big-screen films. I don’t think a ban on anything is useful, there are always exceptions!

HMC: Galleries, arts centres and museums continue to embrace the moving image and are increasingly forming dedicated screening spaces. Do you think this is a positive move? How important is the setting?

Terri Liddell, Montrose: I’ve watched short documentaries and films inside museums etc and
the atmosphere was not as relaxed as the space allocated was not
conducive to the feeling of privacy and isolation which an enclosed
darkened room enables in terms of relaxation and full
concentration/involvement with the film. But were the film stunningly
excellent I don’t think this would matter!

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