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HMC: How important to you is it to engage in debate after a screening? Do you think an independent cinema should consider offering more discussion sessions?

Terri Liddell, Montrose: I enjoy debate! Would love the opportunity to discuss!

HMC: In terms of programming how can an independent cinema sustain an audience? How can a new audience be enticed away from the digital home and back into the cinema?

Terri Liddell, Montrose: By offering the non-mainstream and artful films which are available to European and wider audiences and which are rarely if ever offered on TV or the big screen – and rarely found in DVD rental. Leaflet/internet advertising of a summary of the films on offer… Discussions in a cafe/bar or area where people can relax and/or have a drink may help!

Next week hear from Matthew Jarron Curator of Museum Services and Film History Tutor for Continuing Education at University of Dundee.


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