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Dundee Jam Number 3


Image from Trick or Meatby Aaron Puzey

Last weekend saw the third in the on going Dundee Jam series of events taking place, again in Whitespace, Abertay.

It’s been all change at the front this time since original instigator Ian Kiigan left town to go and work for Scotland’s most celebrated maker of children’s entertainment, Rockstar North. Paul Grefnell of Denki takes over.

The topic for this event was, slightly belatedly, Halloween. Personally I think it was just an excuse for Aaron to complete his zombie trilogy of  games in time for the Xmas compilation market.

If your a PC (and you have direct x something or other installed) and you feel you’ve been made into a stereotype then head over here and take out your anger on some of these. Personally I’m a Mac but I do wear a suit (sometimes), but it’s a cool suit… not like one I would wear if I used a PC, but I can’t play these games. Damn.

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