Creative Dundee

What’s been Happening…


Here is a list of some things that have been going on over the last couple of months!

Sooper Double D launches a new website.
Johanna Basford wins a 4 Talent award – congratulations.
Louise Kirby Textiles launches a new site.
Tag Games publishes it’s first game on the iPhone.
Channel 4 launches 4ip to find new talent in Scotland in give them up to £20,000 to develop their ideas, so get your thinking caps on.
In conjunction with 4ip launching there is a new social network for you to go join called 38 minutes, this aims to bring the creative communities of Scotland and Ireland closer together and spark ideas and collaborations… so go join it.
Nesta’s Starter for 6 programme begins taking applications for it’s 3rd year.
A new exhibition is underway at the DCA and it has a new site too.
And that’s what I have got for you just now, normal service can now resume.

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