Creative Dundee

First Thurstday etc…

Hello and a late Happy New year! It’s been a while… again but just because I haven’t posted recently doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy, in fact quite the opposite. I have been beavering away with various people on different things which I will talk more about in a future post. However, right now I can tell you about the
First Thurstday coffee morning (but not the kind of coffee morning you might buy homebake at). 

Funded by Interactive Tayside, the First Thurstday events will be informal meet ups for the creative industry of Dundee to talk all things that effect us and how we might help each other too. There will be a very loose structure to the events to get everyone talking but thats it, apart from the free coffee and pastries… there is no cake.

So all you have to do (apart from live in Dundee and work in a creative capacity) is get up early and head for the DCA on Thursday 5th February at 8.30am. I will see you there, probably clutching or sitting next to something that has this logo on it. Oh, and yes Thurst is intentionally spelt that way, go check the urban dictionary!

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