Creative Dundee

Denki or Not?


If, like me, you have noticed strange adverts around town which say little but look rather interesting then fear not – I have answers. Brian Baglow of Denki emailed me the other day with some images and some explanation. 

The adverts are Denki's answer to the usual videogames dilemma of finding the right people for the job. Denki, you see, are a little bit different from your average UK based games company. They have a bit of style about what they do, a sense of fun. It has served them well in an industry full of fantasy art and endless quests for realism and this is what they are trying to get across to people who may be considering a job in games. 

The first run of posters featured lovely little landscapes with rolling hills full of Denkified castles and towns and lots of other quirky things, the second run feature snippets of Denki man and games legend Mr Gary Penn. I am reliably informed that he is on a similar level of understanding as Tom Cruise, but we can't talk about it or we get sued or worse.

So, if you are looking for a job and you are a bit different to the herd and if you prefer the quirkier things in life then maybe you will find you are more Denki than not. 

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