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Dundee Degree Show is on the Move

In a twist to tradition, this year’s
of Jordantsone
Degree Show will be held at The Vision Building, Seabraes
instead of the more familiar haunts of the Art School.

The 117th Degree Show is upping sticks and will be based in the external venue, 5 minutes from the Art School. For one year only (or so we are told) those stressed out final year students, high on Red Bull and ProPlus, will be trotting up and down the Perth Road ferrying their degree show collections from studio to exhibition space. Lets pray for calm, sunny days or there could be a torrent of paper billowing its way through Dundee and some very upset students…

The Big Move
is going to be hard to stomach for some 4
th years; the Art School holds a certain sense of charm and atmosphere at the Degree Show Party that you can’t really imagine in another location (I equate this to trying to imagine Christmas Dinner on a sunny beach). However the new venue offers much more space, no preconceived ‘hierarchy’ of certain areas and a new sense of fluidity that will no doubt tie the whole show together in a far more polished and professional manner. So, much like the ex-pats embrace BBQ’d turkey and the odd game of Festive Beach Volley Ball, I think we should welcome the change and see it as a pioneering expedition in the new wave of Degree Shows. Hurrah.

Degree Show Party: Friday 22
May 6pm-9pm

Exhibition open:
Saturdays 23
& 30 May 9.30am-4.30pm
Sundays 24 May & 31 May 9.30am-4.30pm
Saturday 6 June 9.30am-2pm

Graduate work on display includes:
Fine Art
Art, Philosophy, Contemporary
Textile Design
Time Based Art & Digital Film
Jewellery and Metal
Graphic Design
Interior and Environmental Design
Interactive Media Design.


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