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Talent Show – Lyle McCance

Life tree

Next up in my
weekly Talent Show spot is one of my contemporaries from Class of 2005 at D of
J and fellow
Nesta Starter for Sixer, Lyle McCance – the man behind Board

Lyle makes the
coolest contemporary furniture, beautifully designed and hand crafted used
environmentally conscious materials. Always a sucker for a story, I love the
fact that Lyle can tell you where his reclaimed materials come from, be it a
reclaimed church pew or an old lab bench from the university Chemistry


Usually found in
the workshop sporting a pair of yellow tinted safety goggles (which I’m
convinced must make everyone he speaks to look a tad jaundiced) Lyle works to
commission, creating designs and products specifically for clients, like Haute
Couture for wood. I believe he is currently working on a commission of epic
proportions for the newly refurbished
McManus Gallery here in Dundee.

Blow 1 J

Blow 2 J


Lyle and I worked
together a couple of years ago to create this bespoke
Chess Set. Every little
element down to the type of joints was so carefully considered – he has an
almost evangelical passion for detail and his work. Super inspiring.

Chess 2 J

Chess J

Something else
which I find super charming: when working to commission he sometimes creates
miniature prototypes of the product to show the client; exact scaled down
replicas, sometimes with laser engrave detailing.

Chairs J

Be sure to check
out his

Next week I’ll be doing another Talent Show special, this time on the Graham Street Fashion Show.



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