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Talent Show Special – Duncan of Jordanstone Degree Show 2009 – Graphic Design Showcase


Following on from the good work of our very own Ms Basford, I took a visit to the Vision building to check out the Degree show for myself (I had been previously on the opening night but that doesn’t count as it was a bit of a drunken brouhaha and difficult to take much in).

I had planned on showcasing both graphics and animation but since the animation showcase is mostly video based it proved difficult to get any suitable shots. Plus being a graphic designer by profession I thought I should probably stick to what I know. What I will say though is that there are some talented individuals showcasing this year (my personal favourite being Sze Kei Ho’s Ko Ko Mo piece) so I you get a chance go and take a look.

Right on with the graphic design showcase. In no particular order.

Stewart Walker

Lovely typographic tote bags.


Eddie Caldwell

A great all round show but this series of book covers stood out for me.


Jamie Byars

A nice use of printing mediums, especially loved this piece.


Ryan Boyd

A really good identity solution.


Kim Speirs

A well thought out piece with some lovely binding.


John Argyle

Part of an typographic solution that uses song lyrics and interesting substrates.


Ryan Strachan

A good all round show (and thats not just because he’s my brother!)


Rosslynne Band

A beautiful typographic representation of ‘Over the Rainbow’.


On a final note congratulations to all the other designers who are exhibiting just now. Unfortunately I can’t showcase you all but well done on a great show. Now the tough bit…finding a job! Good luck to everyone.

Like Jo I was slightly dubious about moving the show away from the Art School…but all things considered it is a great space and makes for a highly enjoyable, relaxed and easy to view experience.


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