Creative Dundee

Zeitgeist Website goes live


The ‘idiosyncratic
alternative black lager’ with artwork by Duncan of Jordanstone student,
has launched its website. Check out Heather’s ultra cool illustration
on the
Zeitgeist website here.

What’s more, there is a very
unusual hook behind the Zeitgeist website.

Here’s what they say:

“The blog will not be updated by the owners or mediators, but by the

We are giving ownership of the blog, website and brand to the people who
drink the beer.

The idea is to create a whole alternative community online on the
zeitgeist site.

People can blog about anything: beer, art, film, culture. They can
upload movies, pictures and say anything they want. The idea is that the
discussion has an alternative vibe which ties in with the non-conforming
message of the beer.

This is a brand controlled by the people, not a brand which controls

It is not our blog. It is not zeitgeist’s blog – it is your blog!”


Cool huh? Fancy becoming a member of this new wave of online community?
To get involved and start blogging, all you have to do is purchase some beer from
online shop. As a nice little incentive to get people hooked, when you purchase
your beer, entering the secret discount code  SHEEP  nets you
a sweet 70% off! Result, not only do you get a great deal on this new cool beer,
but you also get to be a blog pioneer and be one of the first to update!

Click here to get involved.


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