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NEoN Digital Arts Festival


The NEoN Digital Arts Festival has just been officially launched with the website going live with details of the speakers and some early tickets available at a reduced price.

The website can be found at with links to the long standing community site weareneon but the main point of the site is to provide a listing of events and speakers as well as allowing you to get your hands on some tickets.

The main NEoN event will take place over the 13th – 15th of November in the Dalhousie Building in Dundee. The speaker list for the event is looking very strong indeed with highlights including Dave Jones (father of Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings), Graham Lineham (writer of Father Ted and the IT Crowd) and my personal favorite, Bud Luckey (Pixar genius who is responsible for Toy Story, Incredibles, Boundin and much more).

Along side the main NEoN event will be lot of other fringe events which will take place across the city. These so far include an exhibition in the Hannah Maclure centre, Extreme Human Shepherding (?), A Clash Magazine band night in Fat Sams and Videogames Live in the Caird Hall.

This is an exciting event for Dundee and something which the city much needs, the whole festival is shaping up very nicely, roll on November.

You can also follow NEoN on Twitter (


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