Creative Dundee

SuperFly in Dundee

It’s an exhibition, it’s on the street, it’s legal, it’s YOU!

Why a SuperFly art exhibition?
Once there was a guy with a SuperFly idea. Dundee has loads of Fly posters advertising, bands, gigs, shows, exhibitions, clubs, etc… why shouldn’t the artists who are making these lovely looking posters get to put ‘their’ art on those posters for no other reason than to ’sell themselves’!

Street Advertising Services do a great job managing the spaces and posting the posters legally with the backing of the local council so why not make use of this system for art, not just commerce?

How does SuperFly work?

So, if you are creative, if you make things, draw things, photograph things, stick things together, whatever it is you do send us and example of one that you would like made into a big poster and stuck up in Dundee. A panel of judges will mark all of the entries and the top 10 will be printed. Between now and then we will post as many entres as we can on the website, so you have an extra chance to display your work. Phone a friend, spread the word, tell them SuperFly is here!

Where will the SuperFly be?

It literally will be on the street. We are using the same street advertising boards that you would see a club or gig poster attached to. So, during the
exhibition we will produce a guide, which will essentially be a map with ‘key’ sites marked on it. From that you will find at least on of all the winning entries, but there will be more to find… why not photograph them and upload them to our site or to google maps, etc…

Remember, this is one exhibition where you won’t pay to get in, it will never close, and most likely you will know, or will have heard of the artist!

SuperFly Rules
FREE to enter artwork into SuperFly. Our supporters have donated everything that we need free of charge. So make the most of this opportunity… it may not come around again…
You need to use your common sense as to what is presentable to the street walking public. Obviously, if we think something is unsuitable then it will not be marked for print.

When is SuperFly?
exhibition will take place in September – exact start date to be confirmed so keep your eye on the website.

SuperFly is part of the super cool event that is NEON.



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