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Cohort Studios – Animation Internship Available

Cohort Studios are on the look out for an Animator for an Internship at their Dundee Studio for three months to work one of their current projects. If this sounds interesting then more details inside.

Animator Internship 

We are looking for someone to fill our Animator Internship role. The successful candidate will be working alongside our Animators within our Art team for three months on one of our major titles.
The successful candidate will be expected to have experience in the 3D animation process, preferably with Maya and skills in related character tasks (e.g. modeling, texturing, rigging, and weighting, blend shapes, etc.)

We are preferably looking for someone with:
– An understanding of classic animation principles and fundamentals (squash and stretch, staging, timing, anticipation, exaggeration).
– A sense for acting, storytelling and cinematography.
– Clear and concise communication skills.
– Self-driven, good communicator and a great team player.
– A passion for games.
This is an excellent opportunity for an Animator to build on their experience.
If your interested please contact us at with any question and your CV and showreel.


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