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SuperFly on the Streets

Superfly header
As mentioned previously on Creative Dundee, SuperFly is an exhibition of Art and Design on the streets of Dundee and the brain child of Dundee based designer, Jon Gill.

The concept was simple, Dundee has legalised fly postering and this made it possible to stage such an exhibition with sponsorship from Street Advertising Services who run the sites in Dundee and various others companies based in the city.

The gates were then flung open to the world at large to design and submit artwork to the SuperFly website, these were judged and the best selection were printed and are now adorning poster spaces throughout Dundee.

Jon has also produced a guide, or guy’d to the exhibition that can be picked up from the DCA or Grouchos.

I can also exclusively reveal that there is one site in Dundee that contains all seven posters can be seen at once… I don’t think I will tell you where it is though, it’s more fun to go hunting.


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