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Neon flyer remixed

I know what you are probably thinking… no posts for 3 months then 3 in a day. Well you can blame NEoN for most of my lack of time recently. After the success of last years event the pressure has been on to make this year even better.

We think we have. It’s bigger for starters, there is more for free and of course there is the main event, tickets for which will go on sale very shortly.

There will also be a series of events leading up to the week (yes, a week!) of NEoN and we think there will be more than enough to entertain everyone for another year.

I will, of course, update more about this year here soon but in the meantime I shall encourage you to spread your virtual wings and explore some of the ways you can keep up to date with all things NEoN related.

1. Twitter @weareneon

2. The NEoN Website

3. The NEoN Community site

Of course there are probably other ways too but these are the best.


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