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A young whippersnapper by the name of Christopher Leckie has decided to try to bring the web/graphic/technology arm of the creative industry in Dundee together by launching Dundee Web Standards… a social event to connect all creative types for a relaxed networking chit-chat.

Dundee Web Standards as the title suggests is a new monthly meet-up for
people in the creative industry – a meet for people in all disciplines
to discuss the latest trends or technologies. The project was started
under the assumption this was something Dundee was lacking but we found
out quickly there is currently a meet ran by Interactive Tayside called
First Thurstday. However, First Thurstday is held from 8am-10am on what is
normally a weekday making it inaccessible for people working the
standard 9-5 for ‘the man’… and we all know how having a pint at 10am is frowned
upon. So, we decided to plough on in the hope that the two can work
well together.

So whether your a student, budding web designer, or simply into all things ‘webby’ why not register your interest here and come on down to the first meet on Monday 4th October, in Braes Bar on the Perth Road. The plan is to keep things loose, have a few drinks and chat about all things web related.


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