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Pop Up Pigeon And Dundee Friends!

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The very lovely, Lovely Pigeon has just opened the newest, fastest pop up shop – possibly ever (certainly in Anstruther we’re sure!)… You can visit over the next four weeks to pick up hand designed, thoughtful, creative gifts, homeware, jewellery and more!

Although in the sunny climes of Anstruther, Fife – you’ll find the justification this posting is that it features Dundee design stars Kate Pickering, Claire McVinnie and more; and also Lovely Pigeon’s concept, style and products are well worth the trip across the Tay!

Pigeon Pop Up is open for 4 whole weeks so you have until the 18th September to check it out – at 27 Shore Street, Anstruther – open every day.

Make sure you have time on your visit to Anstruther to have a double dose of fish and chips for lunch and tea, and then spend the journey home debating if the famous award-winning fish bar is really the better of the two…..


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