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Events From A to Z: Alzheimer’s to Zombies

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Have you always fancied being certified by the Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies?  Or ever wanted to make your own Zoetrope worthy of rivalling Pixar’s amazing 3D version?

Well now you can, thanks to Dundee Science Festival, back in just a few weeks time, for its third year. The two-week festival’s events take place in over 30 venues in and around Dundee – from informal social events in pubs, to sessions in a hairdresser’s salon where you can learn all about hair science! You can even start your bonfire night a night early, by going to the Rocket Science demonstration on the 4th Nov, it’s back by popular demand – yes it was a blast and all that!

Alongside these interactive and family-friendly activities, there are more serious events on offer, including: a session on cardiology; a public debate of Alzheimer’s; understanding the future of world food supplies; and a screening of ‘Jamaica for Sale’ which explores the environmental effects and harsh economic realities of the tourism industry on the paradise island.

Dundee based Professor and festival Patron, Sir Philip Cohen thinks Dundee should now drop its well known ‘3 Js’ (Jute, Jam and Journalism) as they no longer reflect today’s local economy. Instead, he thinks the City should be known by the ‘3 Bs’ – Biochemistry, Biomedicine and Biotechnology; as there are around 10,000 people employed in this area, in Dundee.

Sir Cohen says: ‘A similar number of people are employed in the computer games industry, which is a spin-off from the development of computer science. If we want our children to be able to live and work in Dundee in the future they will therefore need to develop an interest and passion for science and Dundee Science Festival is a great way for Dundonians of all ages to get a feel for the fascination and fun of science’.

The festival programme is brimming with interesting, experimental and creative events and well worth a visit.

It kicks off from Saturday 29 October – Sunday 13 November 2011, across Dundee and beyond

Dundee Science Festival – you can view the festival programme online, here.




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