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Arigato, Pecha Kucha Lovers…

Well, what a night indeed!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us at Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Volume 1 to make it such a storming success. The feedback on the night, the tweets (see below) and Facebook posts have been immense, emotional and have made all of the hard work over the last 5 weeks and the near 300 slides collated (phew!) well worth it!

Until we post up some more content, photos and presenter videos, here is a reminder of our stellar line up of PKN presenters, who talked about everything from: snake charming pied pipers, to architectural family ghosts, to lots of love in the room, to incredible new cultural spaces, to urban meditation, to juggling (more like throwing!), to Superman via Supermen, to moveable edible feasts, to deer killing (unintentional), to the speed efficiency of sellotape dispensers, to poetic gaming, to performing incredible Balkan jazz. The presenters were diverse, inspiring and full of creativey goodness!

A very big thanks to the fantastic presenters: Philip LongRohan GunatillakeKirsty Maguire, Ross Fraser McLean, Louise RitchieGary PennHilary GrantAndy Milligan,Kate PickeringDave Sapien, Stewart Waterson, Phillip Vaughan and Sink.

If you weren’t able to join us on the night, here are some links to the great real-time and after-event blogging done by the following talented folks. Thanks very much to them all!

Real time bloggers: Beautiful Dundee and Ryan Cormack. After event reviews: Evolution and Us, Hilary Grant, Vanilla Ink, Sonia Angus and Joanna Bletcher. If you’ve covered PKN, please do get in touch and we’ll add details here too.

We’ll be posting details of the next Pecha Kucha Night – Volume 2 soon – scheduled for February 2012 – but until next time, that’s all folks!

A selection of #pkn_dnd tweets:

@linseymcintosh: Loved Dundee’s 1st Pecha Kucha night. Could relate to speakers & really felt part of the city’s creative comm. #PKN_DND

@DanCassidy Fantastic evening of varied and inspiring talks at #pkn_dnd #neon11

@vanillainkUK: What a great night @FleetCollective for the first @PKN_DND thanks @Creative_Dundee finally stopped shaking (after a few stiff drinks!)

@MikePress Last night’s Pecha Kucha Night in Dundee was excellent! Great speakers, brilliant atmosphere. #pkn_dnd

@weareneon: Wow what a night! Incredible scenes at Chamber East, definitely an evening to remember! #pkn_dnd #neon11

@Hilary_Grant It was so nice to see so many familiar faces in the crowd tonight at the 1st @Creative_Dundee @PKN_DND Pecha Kucha. #pkn_dud Awesome night!

@kwangchow: Pecha Kucha was great, awesome work from all involved. Already looking forward to the next one. #pkn_dnd #neon11

@Kalsau “The idea of the table, a centre point of human times” Andy Milligan challenging the “dull static experience” of conferences. #PKN_DND

@Kalsau “Spaces create opportunity”, “learning will be at the heart of it”, “Spaces for designers to have residency” Philip Long @VADundee #PKN_DND

@estherjane_: really enjoyed @Creative_Dundee @PKN_DND night! Plenty inspiration spilling out#Dundee @karenlyttle @LynseyBarr @soniaangus

@Dundeewebstandards Fantastic night @PKN_DND and what a great turn out! Looking forward to its return in February.

@evolutionandus: Great night at #pkn_dnd lots of new people to follow & definitely a few features on blog! Big thanks to @Creative_Dundee

@artygirl73 Had an absolutely brilliant night at #pkn_dnd thanks to @Creative_Dundee @FleetCollective for an excellent evening. Still feeling inspired.

@Kalsau: Eco Architect Kirsty Maguire: “The family ghosts were very much watching me”, “Architecture Parade” #pkn_dnd

@peg: Fantastic talk from @rohan_21awake design for attention & happiness (not profit) #pkn_dnd

@Kalsau: “Superman games are curse, found that out after we signed the contract” @phillipbvaughan & Stewart Waterson talk games design

@Kalsau: The many deviations of computers and accessibility, a new meaning of accessible games by @GaryPenn “Accessible-get it or get into it now”

@DanielCleaton: Sink were just amazing with their improvised Balkan jazz to images they’d not seen before. Just wow! Great end to excellent night

@graphicpicnic: #pkn_dnd second time I’ve heard the Ross McLean kidnap story. Seems to get funnier everytime. No tache for movember t …

@Hazler_06: #pkn_dnd david sapien “in this room there is about 20,000 years of love” ends the night very well

@whatkristensaw: Great night at volume 1 of @PKN_DND Lots of inspirational speakers. Looking forward to volume 2 in feb.

@marina_munro: Amazing night! @PKN_DND now to get cosy and watch rise of the planet of the apes with a meat feast pizza and cheesecake

@rosscrawford1 RT @PKN_DND Well done tonight was great. Proud to be a part of Dundee’s creative community

@magsig thanks us too! RT Really enjoyed Dundee’s first PechaKucha Night @PKN_DND

@PKN_DND: A fantastic end to #pkn_dnd by Sink in collaboration with Tom De Majo

@PKN_DND: Do you want more? Yes Gillian I think they do! Yippee! #pkn_dnd

@PKN_DND: Keep your balls in the air people- Louise Ritchie #pkn_dnd

@PKN_DND: Wooah Louise Ritchie has taken to the stage and it’s got a bit crazy! #pkn_dnd

@PKN_DND: @phillipbvaughan A great presentation, thanks to Stewart and Philip #pkn_dnd

@PKN_DND: Superman game in Dundee?! Stewart Waterson and Philip Vaughan are showing us how and why. #pkn_dnd

@PKN_DND: Kate Pickering an inspiration! GO KATE! #pkn_dnd

@karenlyttle Great end to the first half of @PKN_DND note to self-stay away from snake charmers!

@PKN_DND: @createambition here here! RT Some really nice scarves from @Hilary_grant @pkn_dnd Great talk!

@PKN_DND: ‘conferences don’t get the best out of people. It just makes them feel like performing monkey’s ‘ Andy Milligan #pkn_dnd

@PKN_DND: Andy Milligan is up now with death by conference. #pkn_dnd

@PKN_DND: A great insight into the V&A’s future #pkn_dnd

@Kraig_Walker At the Pecha Kucha night. This is awesome!


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