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NEoN Transmission #3: Unconference, Pecha Kucha & Debating Chamber

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NEoN 11 steps up several gears on Tuesday with an impressive double-header of creative events – The Unconference and the first ever Pecha Kucha night in Dundee. First up at 3pm in the main hall of Chamber East Philip Long (Director of the V & A at Dundee project), Chris Van Der Kuyl (CEO of Brightsolid), Ian Webster (head of product and marketing for Brightsolid’s online technologies) and Paul Durant (business development director at Abertay University) will use their knowledge and expertise to discuss how to make the best interactive visitor experience in the world. The V & A at Dundee project has reinvigorated the city and the panel in conjunction with the audience aim to explore how the wealth of digital creativity and innovation in the region can be harnessed to deliver the project and put Dundee firmly on the map of world centres for the arts. Free tickets are still available and can be booked here.

PechaKucha was devised in Tokyo in 2003 as an event for designers to meet, network and show their work in public. Since then it has turned into a global phenomenon, with events in hundreds of cities around the world. The format is simple – each presenter can show 20 images for 20 seconds each. The images forward automatically and the presenter talks along to the slide show which results in things moving along at a rapid pace. The team at NEoN are extremely proud to be joining the worldwide PechaKucha network and if you are one of the lucky few who managed to book tickets before it sold out then you are in for a very special evening indeed. For those who missed out, don’t worry – this will be a regular event in the months to come!

On to Wednesday and Chamber East becomes the Debating Chamber where a panel of experts will debate the theme of NEoN 11 – collaboration between us and the digital. Human interaction with digital technology is prevalent in almost every aspect of modern life and the question will be how far should we push it? With the advent of human organ printing and the printing of food what moral and ethical issues are there to overcome? There will be heated debate, interjections and opinions aplenty. The debate starts at 7pm and no advance booking is required.


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