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NEoN Transmission #5: Show n’ tell & Anima Boutique

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The sheer quality of the speakers, new media professionals¬† and artists that NEoN 11 has brought to Dundee continues to impress with this Friday’s show n’ tell which features a veritable who’s who of creative talent drawn from across the UK and abroad. From London, James Alliban is a new media artist, interaction designer and international speaker who has been building interactive toys and immersive environments ever since he started experimenting with Paintshop Pro on his girlfriend’s laptop as a 20 year old. Since then he has built an international reputation for foward thinking and radical design on many platforms and his show n’ tell is sure to be awesome and inspiring, just like his artworks. Tom Metcalfe is a conceptual designer who has produced editioned work, one-offs and refined prototypes that have originated from collaborative research and experimentation and his talk will look at a collaborative lighting installation made for the V & A Museum. Completing this very special list will be Memo Akten and Jaygo Bloom, both renowned for producing immersive artworks that harness old and new technology in imaginative and cutting edge style.

Following the show n’ tell their will be a special screening and talk from Helsinki’s Anima Boutique, a design and animation studio that works across commercials, short films, music videos, film and television. Founder Eliza Jappinen has worked extensively with characters, animation design and writing since 2002 and divides her time between Hawaii and Helsinki which brings a unique blend of popular culture and Scandinavian cool to her work. The driving force behind Anima Boutiqe is to create unique and original entertainment with heart that enriches our world, and a glance at their showreel confirms this, brimming as it is with quirky, loveable characters and stories with real charm.

The event runs on Friday 11th from 11am to 4pm and is free but advance booking is essential as places are limited. Tickets can be booked here.




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