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If you venture into the basement of Braes Bar on the evening of Monday the 30th of January you will encounter ‘Hotchpotch’, an evening for Dundee folk to talk about creative writing, poetry and literature.

This event allows you to listen to readings from local writers or take a turn yourself; it doesn’t have to be your own work, bring along a piece by your favourite writer that you think will inspire and delight the Hotchpotchers.

Hotchpotch is part of Literary Dundee, who host a festival each October as well as literary happenings like salons, poetry readings, excursions and competitions. With events and activities happening throughout the year, get on Facebook and give their page a ‘like’ to stay au fait  with the literary scene in Dundee.

Come along to Hotchpotch in the basement of Braes Bar on Perth Road on Monday 30th January from 7:30pm onwards.


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