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Fun-A-Day Exhibition Celebration!

Fun-A-Day‘s is a simple concept which produces great results – participants choose a project and then produce one piece of artwork every day for the entire month of January.

This new exhibition starting on 24th February, showcases all of the participating artist’s work. The 31 resulting pieces include photos, drawings, videos, textiles and more; and vary from the lighthearted to serious and the high to low-brow.

The Dundee exhibition is one of just 3 shows running internationally outwith the USA, which has 21 shows running – they’re all organised by local art collectives who have adopted the project and started their own shows.

Philadelphian-based Art Clash Collective began Fun-A-Day as a way to keep each other motivated and keep up their creative practices through the month of January! The project then spread as others embraced the idea and vowed to not only complete their project, but to encourage their friends to do the same. Since its inception in 2004, the project has seen tens of thousands of pieces by hundreds of artists taking part.

It also coincides with the release party for The Satellite Zine Issue 6 The Seen and will be the first Meet-Up for the Trans Practical Intervention Art/Science group.

It’s fair to say that you should expect the gallery to be jam-packed with art!

Exhibition Celebration Party: Friday 24th February 2012: 5pm – 7pm

Exhibition Runs: 24th Febuary until 5th March (Monday to Friday 9:30-5:00 and Saturday 10:30-4:30)

Where? The Bradshaw Art Space, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, 13 Perth Road DD1 4HT

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