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YOKE illustration and print

Mr & Mrs YOKE aka Mark and Zoe are the design duo behind the cool Perth-based illustration and printmaking label, YOKE.

Graduating only a year ago, they launched YOKE at London’s prestigious Design Week and have already been stocked in stores from London to Tokyo… Their illustrations have been transformed into a number of hand printed products, including their signature hand pulled screen prints.

With a quirky and comical approach, YOKE’s philosophy is to keep it simple and use their iconic, bright and bold illustrations to brighten the gloomiest of days.

And why the name YOKE?.. Nope, no relation to eggs but instead a yoke is a farming tool used to join two oxen together when ploughing, this equals Mr & Mrs Yoke, sweet we guess! What a lovely pair indeed. Help spread the YOKEY love!





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