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JUMP-CUT Dance Film Festival


JUMP-CUT Dance Film Festival is a week long celebration of dance on screen. From leading international productions to local community projects, musicals to experimental films – they will be bringing you a programme of screenings, talks, performances and workshops all under the roof of Abertay’s HMC!  We’ll be bringing you details of the festival programme here soon.

JUMP-CUT Dance Film Festival 2012 is offering artists and dancers the chance to share their work as part of this year’s festival – an opportunity for you share the screen with professional performers and film makers, to network and raise the profile of your work.

They are encouraging you to collaborate, share ideas and create short films (or share existing work!) inspired by, or related to, dance/movement.

Don’t miss this unique chance to bring the two art forms together and let the camera and dance meet.

Please submit your work by the end of March 2012.

Jump-Cut Dance Film Festival – 20-27 April 2012
Hannah Maclure Centre
Top Floor Student Centre
University of Abertay Dundee
1-3 Bell Street
Dundee DD1 1HP


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