Creative Dundee

The Return of the Wasps!

The redevelopment of Wasps Studios in Meadow Mill is almost complete!

Wasps have 19 buildings across Scotland which provide affordable studios for artists and arts organisations. Dundee’s Meadow Mill already has 67 artists and makers based in the grand old jute mill and the good news is that there are some studios vacant in the swanky newly renovated building!

The existing artists who were decanted last year to other spaces across the city during the redevelopment will be moving back in from the end of this month. And as the redevelopments have increased the studio space available by an extra 50%, there is still space up for grabs.

What do Wasps offer?

– 58 studios across three floors for up to 100 artists
– An open plan studio divided into smaller, cheaper bays for new graduates
– A gallery to showcase new work in Dundee
– Better natural light, fixed heating in studios and enhanced signage
– Greater circulation space, a new lift and improved accessibility

And my addition in true property agent style, great views down to the Tay and up to the Law!

Wasps appreciate that Dundee is a creative hub and have invested a lot to ensure that the redevelopment provides high quality working spaces to address the growing demand for creative space in the city.

We look forward to having a peak when Wasps is fully reopened, especially to see the newly created gallery. So if you are interested in finding out more and registering for a new space, we suggest visiting their site for details how to apply.


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