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Art Of The Memory Palace

If you are a fan of beautiful vocals, sweeping soundscapes and inspiring visuals, then take a look and listen inside the minds of Art Of The Memory Palace. Going by their first track, we reckon they’re going to do big things in the future.

Although they are new to the scene as AOTMP, these two partners in crime are by no means the new kids on the block. Although they are keeping a low profile at the moment, they are established musicians and artists in their own rights and their joined up forces have produced something pretty special. And this is just the beginning…

What’s more they are based here in Dundee, so go look/listen and keep your eyes and ears peeled for future developments!

Video below and we’ll be back with more from the Palace, soon.

Above video: Art Of The Memory Palace, ‘Sun-blinded capsule memory haze’

The mystery minds behind the Art Of The Memory Palace...



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