Creative Dundee

Call Out for Creatives

Fancy getting involved in a grass-roots film project?

Chris Harrison is on the hunt for Dundee’s best to volunteer their time and experience for an exciting film project.

The Film- PlanetFall – The Plot

Sgt. Theo Aldiss is lost and alone, having crashed on a barren planet. To make matters worse, his ship is set to destroy itself to stop the enemy getting their hands on its technology, which amounts to a few diodes and power cells.

He has two days, only forty-eight hours to live, and he must face the reality of never seeing home or the woman he loves again. His only companion is Bergholt, the ship’s computer, but it can offer little solace as the remaining seconds of Aldiss’ life tick away.

Volunteers Needed:

· Camera Operating (DOP) (Access to tech would be good too)

· Lighting Designer

· Costume Designer

· Boom/Sound Operator

· Actors

This project is Chris’ directorial debut but with bags of experience including stints with the Dundee Rep, kids youth theatre, National Theatre of Scotland and La Fura Des Baus, Chris has the enthusiasm to get this project off the ground but needs your help.

To get involved with this project or to find out more email Chris at: planetfall@hotmail


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