Creative Dundee

Doon at the Dighty

Smiles all round on Wednesday 9th May, in Finlathen Park as community project “DightyConnect” provided the perfect afternoon retreat spot. Close to the burn is now a stunning mosaic seat where you can relax and enjoy the local surroundings or just watch the football!

The DightyConnect project was awarded funding in March 2012 by the Big Lottery Changing Spaces programme to work alongside local communities along the Dighty Burn. Already getting to a great start, they also have published a new book of prose and poetry called ‘She feeds the sea’ also inspired the Dighty. It boasts a collection of work by local published writers, such as Jim Crumbly, Dawn Wood, Kevin McCabe, ETC as well as many other less well know local writers.

If you dig mosaic, groovy benches or a splash of colour on your sunday walk, be sure to come along to test it out. I would rate it for comfort = 4/10, and style = 10/10!

There are loads more mosaic art pieces dotted around Dundee so be sure to keep a look out! Copies of ‘She Feeds the Sea’ are available in local libraries and selected shops.


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