Creative Dundee

Dundee’s version of Banksy

Tuesday afternoon, Dundee shoppers in the Westport area were treated to an arty delight in the form of a graffti piece. It caught the attention of Nikki Forbes from the College of Life Sciences and her family as they were having lunch in a local pub. They noticed the piece taking place and were so inquistive to know what was going on, that they went off to have a good ol’ nosey.

Falling down the rabbit hole, they found it was for a new and independent spex shop; selling bespoke, unusual and of course…creative pieces of eyewear. Nikki commented how it great to witness as the artist only refered to a picture in his hand to sketch from. Can you spot the piece of paper?

Check out the graffti piece and for more details about Spex Pistols see our Pecha Kucha Night Vol. 2 here .


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