Creative Dundee

Illustrating Pecha Kucha Nights

Illustration by Claire Hubbard

Before the last Pecha Kucha Night in February, Creative Dundee put out a call for talented artists to bring the speedy format presentations to life through a different medium – illustrations.

We were delighted when illustrator Claire Hubbard took up the challenge and set to work during games developer, Danny Parker’s Pecha Kucha talk. Claire graduated last year with a BA in Design and Creativity from Dundee College. With a great interest in video games, Claire is currently working on a children’s book and is also branching out into crafts and sewing. To see more from Claire, check out her site:

‘I decided to illustrate Danny Parker’s talk because I can relate to his love of gaming through the ages, and I find a lot of creative inspiration in game design. I believe that the games industry has a bit of a bad reputation but it is brimming with talent and many titles should be recognised as works of art.’

This illustration really does clearly demonstrate what Danny is all about! If you’d like to see how accurately Claire illustrated Danny’s PKN talk, check out his presentation, below!

We look forward to seeing more from Claire Hubbard in the future…


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