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9th – 15th June 2012 – Performing Worlds – Public Art, Performance and Education Event

‘Performing Worlds’ symposium is landing in Dundee this coming week, 9th – 15th June 2012 . It will prove to be a jam packed week full of public art, performance and educational talks taking place in numerous locations around Dundee. There also will be poetry readings, installation art, public talks, workshops and site-responsive performances and film screenings by members of Dundee Artists in Residence, locals and international artists.

Taken from D-air’s website (Dundee- Artist in Residence) “Based on the premise that the world is in performance; that what we assume to be reality is a process of making and unmaking, Performing Worlds embodies a wide range of responses to what it means to be alive today, to be living in Dundee, and to be making art in this context“.

During the symposium you can treat yourself to Victorian inspired spa treatment, relax in an iceberg, become your inner animal, have the contents of your pocket preserved, smell Dundee’s history whilst watching its sunsets, enjoy immersive and multi-media performances through workshops and listen and learn with food… and the best part of it is that majority of the events are free!!!

The un-conventional programme is shown above but a paper copy is available from different venues including Dundee Contemporary Arts, Fleet Collective (Chamber Building), Hannah Maclure Centre, The Rep, Wellgate Central Library, and other venue partners.

For more information about the events please refer to D-air’s website ( which has details of each artists contribution, artist statements and contact information. *All images have been borrowed from D-air website.


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