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May Meet In Mutual

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Nine artists including Morgan Cahn, Sarah Johnston, Rebecca Jones, Holly Keasey, Hannah Moitt, Emma Reid, Katie Reid, Beth Savage and Holly Knox Yeoman present site responsive works for a new exhibition in Baxter Park on 17th – 18th August 2012.

During the exhibition Morgan Cahn will Me(a)nder: in recognition of the site she will be mending your worn out textiles – so bring those holey socks! Or join Holly Keasey for ‘Sew ‘n’ Grow’ an on-going discussion about recreation in the park.

The show, May Meet In Mutual, takes its title from an excerpt of the speech Sir David Baxter gave at the opening of the park in 1863. With money made through their successful linen manufacturing firm, Mary Ann, Eleanor and Sir David donated the park in the hopes that it would provide for the people of Dundee.

Baxter said: “a common ground where all may meet in mutual acknowledgement of their dependence the one upon the other.”

A nice fitting reason and place to collaborate – join them to discover our great past through exploring the artists of our future!

May Meet In Mutual:

Where: In the Park Ranger Centre within the Baxter Park, Dundee

When:  Friday 17th and Saturday 18th August from 11am-4pm. You’re also welcome to join them during their Open Install, Thursday August 16th (all day), while the artists arrange and continue to make works in the space.

For more information check out their Facebook event page.


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