Pecha Kucha Night 4 opportunities!

A date for the diary – Tuesday 6th November 2012 – that’s when PKN Dundee Vol 4 is back, lighting up the darker nights with more quick-fire creative presentations. We’re delighted to announce that Creative Dundee brings PKN to you as an official partner of the equally bright NEoN Digital Arts Festival!

Although we are already starting to firm up the line-up, we do still have some presenter spaces left. We’re always looking for the insightful, normal, unique, mundane and plain cooky talks – and we welcome anyone at any stage of their life/career to talk about absolutely whatever they want.

If you think this might be you (or someone you know) then all we ask is that you have seen some PKNs to understand the format. Then just get in touch with your name, what you do, and tell us in just a couple of lines what you would like to talk about. And if you can provide web links to check out, that would be brilliant…  Email us:

Equally, if you would like to be the host MC for the whole, or part of the night, we’d love to hear from you too.

Because we need a real misch masch of presenters on the night, we cannot absolutely guarantee a slot – we will try, but if we can’t fit you in then we will certainly consider you for the next PKN.

And for those who’d prefer to kick back and enjoy… Tickets will be released approx 6 weeks before the event, so keep a look out on the site, or on Facebook/Twitter for more details!

What are Pecha Kucha Nights:

Pecha Kucha Nights are a chance to hear from dozens of exceptionally ordinary folk, creative people just like you and I. Topics are really varied, the only criteria is that each presentater must show 20 images and talk about each for just 20 seconds – the talk is a grant total of 6 minutes 40 seconds exactly! The best way to get a flavour for PKNs is simply to watch them – we’ve been carefully building a video archive of all talks, which you can watch here!

And check out the details of previous presenters from: PKN 1PKN 2 and PKN 3.