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Vacancy: Mobile Software Research Assistant

DJCAD have a vacancy for a Research Assistant in Mobile Software Development, a key role within the University’s exciting SerenA project. Find out more, below…

As part of the Dundee design team you will lead mobile development and iterative testing with end users for the SerenA project, and will work externally with high profile partners and industry in public spaces. In addition you will be expected to undertake a variety of tasks, including development, auditing and testing of prototypes, as well as project organization and administration, and engagement activities with a variety of audiences.

You should ideally have:
•  A background in software development with expertise in Android mobile development and exceptional skills in Java, with demonstrated experience in Open GL, Physics Engines and WebSockets.
•  A keen interest in Semantic Web concepts and tools, including Linked Open Data (LOD), Git versioning and open source development.
•  An interest in Interface Design and UI development would be advantageous.
•  Experience or an interest in developing academic publishing is highly desirable.

The position will require a motivated, team player who is open minded, and capable of developing creative solutions that can turn research ideas and designs into reality. A strong interest in computer science is desirable, as you will assist with integration aspects of the system within a multidisciplinary team.

For more information and to apply please go to:

Closing Date: 19 August 2012


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