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NEoN Field Notes #3: 100,000 LUX

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Computer programmers, a sound designer and solar physics scientists will turn the outside of the University of Abertay Dundee into a stunning LED light display on Wednesday 7 November at 6.30pm. 100,000 Lux is a fusion of science, visual art and sound design which will transform the exterior of Abertay University’s Centre for Excellence in Computer Games Education into a mesmerising display of LED lights and generative audio. The team from Abertay and Dundee universities have combined their skills to create a unique and stunning visual arts and audio display based on data gathered from the Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Ian Reynolds, Abertay graduate and co-founder of games startup Quartic Llama, said: “100,000 Lux is going to be an exciting and very different event – we’ve certainly never had to programme an entire building’s light system before! “When we graduated from Abertay and set up Quartic Llama, we were keen to create a mix of beautiful games and one-off interactive art events. NEoN Festival is a great first step for this, but there’s definitely potential for more large-scale digital art displays and interactive games. “It’s a unique opportunity for the public to see the Abertay University building transformed, all taken from solar science data and accompanied by beautiful audio. We’re very excited to see everyone’s hard work brought to life.”

The data has been used by programmers Erin Michno and Ian Reynolds to create the visual display, along with lecturers David Mactaggart and Antonia Wilmot-Smith from Dundee University who have assisted with concept development and scientific accuracy.  The project has also benefited from the expertise of Clare Brennan, Curator at Abertay University’s Hannah Maclure Centre and Exhibitions Assistant Raz Ullah, currently studying a Masters degree in sound design. Raz has created the dynamic audio piece to accompany the visual spectacular, helping to bring the 100,000 Lux display to life.

100,000 Lux is the first ever collaboration between NEoN Digital Arts Festival and Dundee Science Festival.

The event is free and open to everyone. It starts at 6.30pm.

The display will be viewed from the main Abertay University car park, accessed where Bell St meets West Bell St.


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