Creative Dundee

The fun just keeps coming!


Dundee’s second annual Fun-A-Day exhibition is being hosted by Roseangle Cafe Arts on Friday 8th February. Since launching last year, the number of people taking part in Dundee’s event has doubled, with over 30 people exhibiting this year!

Fun-A-Day Dundee builds on the Artclash Collective’s annual tradition (9 years strong) of organising Fun-A-Day shows in Philadelphia. This year, 20 shows will be held in the United States, along with 5 international shows.

Fun-A-Day is a simple concept that produces beautiful results. Participants choose a project and produce one piece of artwork every day for the entire month of January. The 31 resulting pieces create a narrative outlining each artist’s journey through the first month of the year. Projects vary from lighthearted to serious, high-brow to low-brow.


Sarah Gittins, Man with Candle

Last year’s Dundee event, run by Morgan Cahn, was a great success with performance, video, comics, painting, music, and this year they’re expecting an even broader range of subjects. Expect the place to be jam- packed with art!

The Fun-A-Day show will be held at The Roseangle Cafe Arts. This year Fun-A-Day is one night only, so come one and all. The show is free, all-ages, un-juried and will feature performances, music, and more. Come out and see what people in and around Dundee have been up to this January. They are joining up with the DCA for a raging after party at the new venue Redd, on Sessions Street from 9pm-2am, which also has free entry.

What:  Second Annual Fun-A-Day Dundee

When:   Exhibition: Friday, Feb. 8, 2013, 6pm-9pm. After party: 9pm – 2m

Where:  Roseangle Cafe Arts (130 Perth Road) Combined after party with DCA at Redd, on Sessions Street 9pm-2am, free.


Gerry O’Brien, Day 14


Morgan Cahn, Group of 28


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