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Da Vinci’s Last Commission

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Imagine you have an old painting, a Madonna and Child that has been in the family for years. It is beautiful, serene and spellbinding. It hangs on your wall and for a long time you take it for granted, but curiosity to know more about it gradually grows until it’s irresistible. The experts are called in – they get excited. What if the painting was by a pupil of Leonardo Da Vinci, or even the great master himself?

This painting stored for years in a Scottish farmhouse is now believed by some scholars to be a lost work by Leonardo da Vinci worth over £100 million (about $156 million). Facing financial difficulties, the painting’s owner, Fiona McLaren, took the work to Sotheby’s in Scotland. Auctioneer Harry Robertson “gasped” when he saw it.

Da Vinci’s Last Commission by Fiona McLaren is one of the most astonishing detective stories in the history of art.

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Saturday Evening Lecture Series: Da Vinci’s Last Commission

Saturday 23 March, 6pm,

Dalhousie Building, Old Hawkhill, DD1 5EN

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