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Invocation call – mystical otherness


Invocations is an exhibition collaboratively curated by David Fyans and Norman Shaw. The project has been conceived around the Futures module for David Fyans’ MFA.

magic [ˈmædʒɪk] n

1. The art that, by use of spells, supposedly invokes supernatural powers to influence events; sorcery

2. The practice of this art

3. The practice of illusory tricks to entertain other people; conjuring

4. Any mysterious or extraordinary quality or power

Throughout time, artists have drawn on inspiration, enlightenment and direction from esoteric, mythological, religious and magical sources. From Blake’s illuminated manuscripts to Maya Deren’s Voudon initiation and subsequent works to the Enochian pathworking of Coil, this tradition presents situations in which layered meaning, metaphor, power and enlightenment may be revealed to both the creator and the viewer of the work.

Invocations will be a curated exhibition of works on the theme of the invocation of mystical ‘others’ from a varied and agnostic point of view. Artists are invited through an open call to submit works that have been produced in response to a mystical body from any area of ‘otherness’. You can download the submission form here or read the guidelines here.



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