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Dundee’s creative scene goes BOOM!


It’s fair to say that Creative Boom has been a bit of a role model for Creative Dundee over the last few years – as a blog that’s devoted to championing creativity across the UK, we regularly check in and keep inspired by what’s happening elsewhere in the country.  So we are super excited to see their latest impressive feature about our own creative city, Dundee!

This comprehensive feature is the fourth in a series on UK wide creative cities. It not only talks about so many of our great cultural organisations, creatives, collectives, and workspaces that we love; but also talks about the city’s history, shops, cafes, restaurants and more. We all know how great the city is, but it’s always fantastic to have it shouted about nationally – a huge thank you to Katy Cowan of Creative Boom for her expert coverage!

A special thanks goes to Nikki McWilliams, Jane Gowans and Kate Pickering for spotting that there might be an opportunity to focus on Dundee.  As I always rave on about – it really is the city’s collaborative creatives who make Dundee so special.

Read the Creative Cities feature on Dundee here:

Check out Creative Boom for all the latest creative news, jobs and opportunities.  Say hello from Dundee on Facebook: and Twitter: @creative_boom


Creative Boom’s feature not only bigs up Dundee’s creative scene but also creative cafes and independent shops!


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